Monday, October 3, 2016

RIP Lilly the Cat

Today I got some sad but not unexpected news.  Our old cat Lilly died while living in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.


About the time that Bob and family left for Rice Lake, WI, Lilly was unable to keep food down and Bob elected to have her euthanized (see R.I.P. Lilly - July 8, 2016). Bob's wife Kim thought she could mend Lilly (Lilly's Reprieve - July 9, 2016), and she was successful.  Kim found some special cat food that Lilly could digest, and a few days later Lilly was running around the house, terrorizing the dogs and playing in her water dish.  She'd swat the water, and splash it all over the place.

When the family and menagerie relocated to Rice Lake, Lilly had a nice, new place to explore, and she'd climb all over, exploring and looking for mice.  Unfortunately, old age takes a toll, and Lilly passed away quietly in her sleep today.  She was a nice cat and will be missed.

My congratulations and thanks to Bob's wife Kim for her tenacity and success on keeping Lilly alive, and giving her a good quality of life.

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