Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Birthday in Columbus 2016

Last Sunday (October 2nd) was my birthday; Wednesday (October 5th) is my brother Mike's birthday.  Naturally we tend to celebrate together, generally picking a day that's equally inconvenient for both of us.  We decided on Tuesday night, so when I finally got down to my condo in Columbus, what should I find?

Happy Birthday Box
 A box wrapped in gold glitter paper, which left a trail all over the place.  The card, of course, is significant.
What a Heartwarming Sentiment
The Truth of the Matter
I'm not only a good deal older than Mike, my mileage is higher.  If I were a VW bus, I'd be scrapped.  So I unwrapped the box just out of curiosity, and what have we here?

One of the few things the place actually needs - a set of decent speakers.  I have quite the music collection on my iPod, and my taste in music is eclectic.  About the only things I don't care for are death metal, opera, and progressive jazz.  This set has its own power supply, so all I have to do is plug in my iPod or PC and voila! I can enjoy the music.

Naturally I didn't bring my iPod with me this trip.  Oh well, next time.

We went out to Marcella’s Short North for dinner, and we scored a table next to the sidewalk, which I've always wanted to try.  It's still warm enough in Columbus for a decent sidewalk crowd, and I enjoy watching the traffic.

View from Marcella’s
My other brother, Dave Leuck, is chilling out in Los Angeles, California, but I know he likes Short North and particularly Marcella’s.  Here's how, Dave!

View from the Sidewalk
This is the unofficial end of my birthday.  Now comes the hard part - making it to October 2nd, 2017.  Wish me luck!


  1. Aw, what a great celebration to you! Love the card. LOL

  2. John and I did "Short North" on an art browsing night. You go into a gallery, view the "art" (note the quotes) then you walk to the bar and have a drink. After finishing the spirits you check out the next gallery and the next bar. So on and so forth. You don't really buy the "art", unless you're unspeakably wealthy, obscenely wealthy, or at the end of the block and stone drunk. Nice memories.