Monday, October 17, 2016

Thrown Out of the Bar - Or Ballroom

Getting right to the point, this post is about:

6365 Monroe Street
Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 690-3897
(Located in the same shopping plaza as Little Caesars)

Owned and operated by Kent Lautzenheiser (Nash)

I worked at Toledo Ballroom from January 1, 2016 through June 19, 2016. I taught group classes, and generally enjoyed it.  The students all said they enjoyed it, and they seemed to learn.  Then on June 23, 2016, I received an email from Kent (the owner) that stated, in part:
I feel that it's time for you to "hang up you hat" as far a being a dance instructor at Toledo Ballroom. You need to be able to enjoy yourself and not over do it. And I need to have a staff who can work a whole dance social or group class, on a consistent basis, without physically having a hard time making it through the event.
Fine. I'm relocating to Columbus anyway, and I have good days and better days health-wise. Besides, it's his studio, and if he doesn't want me to work for him, that's his decision.

In the intervening months, Kent moved his studio from Reynolds Rd to its current location on Monroe St., about ten minutes away from me.  I attended a few Wednesday night practice parties there, and was always made welcome.

Last Saturday (10/15/16) was Kent's grand opening, which was open to the public. I attended, danced with everyone, and both Kent and his mother Judy welcomed me when I arrived and thanked me for coming when I left at the end of the evening.  Everyone was quite congenial.

This morning I found this little gem in my email, as sent at 11:49 PM Sunday night:

Hello Bill. After much consideration, I think that it's in the best interest of our students, our staff, and the studio that you no longer attend our events and parties at Toledo Ballroom. We thank you for your help in teaching for us in the past, but we feel that with you attending our events now, there is a definite conflict of interest. We would appreciate [it] if [you would] respect our decision and enjoy your dancing at the many other venues in the Toledo area. Thank You, and we wish you the best.
Kent Lautzenheiser-Nash
Perhaps I've offended someone, certainly unintentionally.  If so, I apologize for whatever offense I might have given.  As far as any conflict of interest, if there is a conflict it exists solely in Kent Lautzenheiser's somewhat neurotic imagination.

Toledo Ballroom belongs to Kent Lautzenheiser, and he's made it very clear that I'm not welcome there.  Believe me when I say that I never show up where I'm not welcome.


  1. I am shocked and appalled from this news. Bill Emery has put his all in to his passion which is dancing in the last several decades that I have known him. Sent in an email? Kent Lautzenheiser-Nash, why did you feel a need to hide behind a screen and send such a cold, disheartening email when you could have talked to him in person and face to face like most business owner's would have? Bill is the kindest, loving, empathetic gentleman that I know. You could have spoken to him in person face to face, but chose to write such sad, disheartening words to a man who has given his all to his passion. Kent Lautzenheiser-Nash, you are not conducting good business or showing any good moral character by the way you have mishandled this. I feel that you owe Bill Emery a public apology and perhaps, show a little bit more compassion to others in the future. Bill has done nothing but be kind and good to all and was undeserving of the way you mismanaged this.

    1. Thanks Ruth. I appreciate your support here.

  2. That's pretty freakin' low... If he had a problem, he should have discussed it face to face.

    1. You aren't the only one to suggest that. The man is a coward. He had any number of opportunities to discuss this with me in person, and did not.