Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zeus News

I've been worried over Zeus the cat.  He's getting on there in years (16 or 17, we think) and he hasn't been eating lately.  I took him over to the Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, and Dr. Carol fixed him up with an uncomfortable examination and some medicine, including an appetite stimulant.  You see the results below.

You will note that Zeus prefers his water in a highball glass.  Truly, I don't know why, but he goes to the glass in preference of anything else.  He also dived into the new food I bought for him.  I bought several brands at the store on the advice of Dr. Carol, who said that getting the little monster to eat was more a matter of trial and error than anything else.

Evidence of Eating
 Zeus was so enthusiastic that he is now in violation of the Feline Order of the Day, Section 1, Number 3, part C: Muzzle, Untidy in.  He refused to allow me to clean him up, so I left him to his own devices.

Preferred Food
More as a memo to myself than anything else, here is His Majesty's preferred brand of cat food.  Chow time!

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Northern Wall

I found this today while procrastinating.  This is Canada's answer to the international border crises, and it's a good one.

I understand the U.S. and Canadian governments are both looking for experienced hedge trimmers, so I volunteered Glen Filthie over at Filthie's Thunderbox. No need to thank me.

Friday, February 3, 2017


This is my living room. The feline with his muzzle in my water glass is Zeus.

My Living Room
Zeus has his own water, which is perfectly good.  Why is he demanding mine?

Zeus in My Water
Now I know why my water tastes funny.

Oh well.  I got myself another glass from the kitchen and kept it out of his reach.

How Internet Rumors Start

I found this little gem on Facebook, that bastion of free speech for moonbats everywhere.  Check the flag and the caption.

From Facebook
The reality is a bit different.  From the article Lps Sends Statement Regarding Flag Placement at North Star High School:
Lincoln Public Schools was made aware Wednesday of an incident that happened in a Spanish language classroom at Lincoln North Star High School. There are flags of many nations hanging in the classroom, and one student hung a Mexican flag on the same flag pole as the American flag.
The classroom teacher appropriately used the incident as an opportunity for a teachable moment to lead a discussion on respecting the American flag, proper flag etiquette and patriotism, and removed the Mexican flag. The school principal had conversations with the students and staff involved, and people had an opportunity to discuss the issue. These were all positive experiences; these are life lessons that stick with students.
Note that it was a student who hung the flag, and the instructor corrected it.  Now just try and get the real explanation to fly in the face of the blatant lie that is already making the viral rounds.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Home Improvement

The house in Columbus is slowly coming together, and it doesn't look like a 27 car pileup on I-75 during an ice storm.  My problem is that I have a galley kitchen, which is a polite way of saying that there is room for one, and only one, chef, and it would be best if the chef were slim and flexible instead of being old and fat.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

R.I.P. Ruth Seed

Ruth passed away on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017.  She was a long standing member of Bethany Community Fellowship (BCF), and was a close friend to my mother, Jane Emery. The two of them could be found together most Sundays sitting in 'widow's row', as Ruth named it.  Ruth had a wry sense of humor, and was very straightforward about her opinions.  When one of the Elders at BCF ruffled her feathers, Mom and I had to calm her down before she had a chance to straighten him out.

Ruth will be missed by many, but she's in Heaven now along with my mother, and what a time they are having!

Edit: Here's a link to Ruth's obituary: Ruth Seed Obituary

R.I.P. Pastor Jim Riccitelli

On Thursday, January 5th of 2017, Jim Riccitelli was admitted to the hospital due to a bad case of pneumonia.  He was discharged several days later, but his condition worsened and he was taken to the emergency room the following day.  He received the best of care, but his condition continued to worsen, and he passed away in his sleep, early this morning (Saturday, January 28th, 2017).

His wife Ruth is doing as well as can be expected.  She's surrounded by friends, neighbors, and members of her Church.  As I write this, her children are on their way to her home.

Pastor Jim was a great man.  He and Ruth served as missionaries in Burkina Faso, Africa for over ten years, where they ministered to the Red Bobo tribe.  Jim and Ruth had to learn the native language, which is tonal - anything you can say in Red Bobo, you can also whistle - then Jim invented a written language for the tribe as they had none.  He translated the New Testament into Red Bobo and taught the tribe to read.

Upon returning to the United States, Jim started The Berean Fellowship Church in Point Place where he served as Pastor for 25 years.  His sermons included a question and answer session; in other words, if you didn't understand something or you had a question, you could raise your hand in the middle of the sermon and your question would be answered.  All Jim's sermons were teaching sermons, focused on understanding the Word of the Lord.

When he retired, he was called into service at Bethany Community Fellowship Church in Sylvania, Ohio, which is where I met him.  Pastor Jim led me to accept the Lord into my life on Thursday, August 18th, 2005.  I was baptized shortly thereafter, and a few days later Pastor Jim and Ruth agreed to become my godparents.

Pastor Jim retired (his third retirement) and he and Ruth moved to Ft. Meyers, Florida, where Jim was called out of retirement again to serve as minister of music.  In between ministries, he finished his most recent book, Authenticate Your Faith.

I shall miss Pastor Jim terribly, but I'll see him again in Heaven, and I wouldn't wish him back into this lousy world for anything.

Edit: Another writer has posted a missive about Pastor Jim, which you can read here: Remembering Pastor Jim