Tuesday, October 11, 2016

While clearing out the familial estate, I discovered a VHS tape that I thought was worth digitizing.  This is Bill Emery (my father) riding his all-time favorite five-gaited mare, A Worthy Penny, in the Five-Gaited Amateur Championship class at the Brown County Fair at Georgetown, Ohio.

Dad is number 12 in the class.  My mother shot the video, and the man you can hear shouting encouragement is Tommy Clouse, a professional horse trainer and close friend.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the five-gaited horse, I'll offer this: Horses will do three gaits naturally; walk, trot, and canter (gallop or run).  The natural gait for a horse when he wants to get along down the road is the trot, which is a little rough to ride.  The other two gaits are man-made, and called the rack and the slow-gait. Both of these gaits are smooth and very easy to ride.  Horses tend to rack about as fast as they can trot, and slow gait a little faster than a walk.

Dad won the class, and as he makes his victory pass you may note that he holds the reins in one hand while Penny racks.  He's showing off a bit, as the other riders would need both hands on the reins to keep their horse at a rack.


  1. That made me smile and then tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.