Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Early Publication

Back in March of 2000, a local columnist for the Toledo Blade started a routine barbecue of the local politicos as they delivered yet another prevaricating press release about the quality of life as it will become in Toledo, Ohio.  Toledo's (back then, not now) Mayor Carleton Finkbeiner was involved, although not so much in the writing, but in giving this five pound stack of foolscap the official nomine Domini and making it available to a blue collar public that frankly couldn't give a tinker's damn what it said or even if it existed.

Roberta de Boer tried reading it, then offered some long green to anyone who could tell her what it said.  I, of course, had no trouble with it and wrote to Roberta, and the rest is, as they say, the bird cage liner.  See for yourself. 

Roberta de Boer's Column
Important Part!
I got a real kick from seeing my letter in print somewhere other than the situations wanted section.  What a hoot!

Officially, this is my first publication anywhere.  And yes, Ms. de Boer did, in fact, send me a cheque - although I can't remember the amount, I thought it fairly generous.