Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Origins Gaming Convention 2016 - Day One

Our goal for day one was to pick up our Origins Official ID Pass and our preregistered game event tickets.  The process is that you buy these items online, weeks in advance.  When you arrive at Origins, you stand in line for the preregistration window and present your receipt to the nice volunteer manning the antique laptop, who laboriously looks up your name, and (if all goes well) gives you your Origins Gaming Convention packet.  Then you move along to another window to get your event tickets.

We knew the line would be long, but this is a bit on the ridiculous side.  Our wait time to get the tickets and passes we had already paid for: One hour, thirty minutes.

At The Head of the Line, Looking for the End
At the End of the Line - Long Wait!
Once we got to the desk, we got right through without a problem.  I thought the line would go down, but no.  The line, if anything, was longer than when we started.

After We Got Our Tickets
Now that we were street legal, we thought it would be nice to get into an event this afternoon.  We hadn't preregistered for any events (games) this afternoon, not knowing when we'd be able to get our passes and ID.  This meant finding a list of events we'd like to play in, then standing in the event registration line to get event tickets ($2 per ticket).

If the preregistration line moved at glacial slowness (and that's being generous), the event ticket line moved at the speed of evolution.  We finally reached a volunteer clerical person, and encountered another Origins obstruction - one person cannot buy more than one ticket.  Ergo, one person cannot represent a group of his friends who want to play together in an event.

We managed to snag three seats in WW2 Wings of Glory, which is a WW2 airplane game.  Mike had played a version of this before, but neither Dave nor I had ever played.  The rest of the players were all experienced.

My Plane

Wings of Glory in Progress
In short, Wings is a great game.  It's easy to learn, and once learned the play is fairly rapid.  I escaped the dogfight unscathed while helping shoot down two other players, both of whom had years of experience.  I was very satisfied with my performance.

Mike got right into the thick of it, and got the bull's eye award - won by the player who was shot at the most.  Mike survived to the end of the game, but he probably wouldn't have lasted much longer.

Mike Receiving the Bull's Eye Award
The man on the right in the photo above acquired the moniker, The Belgian.  He was my wing man and shot down two enemy planes.

Bullseye Award
The game lasted two hours, ending at 5:00 PM.  All three of us were hungry, and Dave was in a bad mood because his $600 iPhone died with a low battery message.  The phone was noticeably hot, and can't be repaired, which is typical of Apple products.

We tried Barley's, but the wait for a table was over an hour.  Short North is only a few blocks away, so we hiked over to Marcella's Restaurant in Short North, which is excellent and we didn't have to wait for a table.

Marcella's Menu

Marcella's in Short North
After dinner we returned to Mike's house for a cocktail and some relaxation.  We have an event tomorrow, and will probably find a game or two in the Board Room.

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