Friday, June 17, 2016

Origins Gaming Convention 2016 - Day Three

Mike fixed breakfast for us - excellent!  This is typical of Mike, who always shows outstanding hospitality.  When we finally got our act together, we headed out to Origins only to discover (midway there) that one of us is suffering from memory loss, so it was back to the house to retrieve my ID badge which was hanging from the doorknob where I'd put it so as not to forget it.

Today's Event
We played Cthulhu Wars at noon.  Fortunately, we'd played this game last night and so were familiar with the rules, which saved everyone a lot of time and stress.  The high point of the game was a truly monumental battle between The King in Yellow and He Who Shall Not Be Named.  The Yellow King's player neglected to consult the game map occupation, and so blew himself up while he was busy destroying me.  I think his last words were, "Oh no.  No no.  Oh noooo."

Cthulhu Wars
One would think that the attraction to Cthulhu Wars would be the figures used, and that's certainly part of it, but the game is quite sophisticated and requires a good deal of strategy.  Mike won this game quite easily.

While at the table, Mike pointed out that the blimp-like Pokemon Pikachu had something unfortunate coming out from under his tail... or something.  I don't think this is what the game designers had in mind, but it set the stage for another observation, again by Mike.

Killer Robot
Here we have a large, economy sized, killer robot as seen from the front.  Looks fine, doesn't he?  Here he is from the rear.
Killer Robot
You can either see what Mike is getting at or you can't.  I'm not going to elaborate except to say that whatever art department is approving these designs needs a new outlook on their product.

Lemon Grass
We finished the evening at the Lemongrass Fusion in downtown Columbus.  If you ever eat there, try the eponymous Lemon Grass soup, which is absolutely outstanding.

French 75
I decided to have a French 75 at the Lemongrass, and was disappointed.  The drink was served up at room temperature and the sparkling wine was of poor quality.  I think I'll stick to wine after this.

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