Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Origins Gaming Convention 2016 - Day Six

The last day of my summer vacation was the drive home.  We got as far as Delaware before coming to a dead stop.

Parking Lot
This is the traffic just South of Delaware, OH.  We sat for over an hour.

Right Lane Close
The Reason
I have no idea what these putzes are doing, or why the geniuses that run our highway system thought it was a good idea to shut one lane down during Monday morning rush hour, but that's our government in action.

Then we hit the next SNAFU, the I-75 split on the South side of Toledo.  Traffic engineering, aided and abetted by our stupid government, has closed off the exit.  We (and several thousand other motorists) got routed several miles out of our way in a gigantic U-turn.  If I wasn't familiar with the area, we'd have gotten lost for sure.  The detour signs are small and very easy to miss.

Government in Action
Then we found this accident looking for a place to happen.

Asshat on the Expressway
Why aren't there any cops around when you need one?  This complete asshole came within an ace of rear ending another car while he was in the acceleration lane getting on the expressway.  Then he cut two people off and ran other off the road getting into the hammer lane, and then he started tailgating the guy in front of him.  He's got no real business being on the road.

People complain constantly about gun violence in the United States, and cheerfully ignore traffic violence.  I think it's past time to deny a car and a license to people who drive like this.

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