Saturday, June 18, 2016

Origins Gaming Convention 2016 - Day Four

Want to know how to get twenty-five million (25,000,000) people into an ashtray?  Play Nuclear War.

Nuclear War by Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Nuclear War is a game for 2 to 8 politically incorrect, bloodthirsty people.  Each player represents an imaginary country with nuclear capabilities.  The goal is to eliminate the population of a player's country, either by propaganda (which happens when peace breaks out), or by biological weapons (anytime), or by detonating a nuclear bomb in that players country (most common).  When a player's population drops to zero, they are entitled to a final strike, at which time they release their entire nuclear arsenal at targets of their choice.

We played three games to decide on a victor for the tournament.  In the first game, everyone was eliminated - although I was the last one standing, so to speak.  My opponent barely blew me up in his final strike.  I was defeated again in the second game, but I managed to do a good deal of damage on my final strike.  I wasn't in the third game, but my friends Mike and Dave played, and Dave won quite neatly by blowing Mike to Kingdom Come with a 50 megaton warhead.

Dave's prize, and in face the only prize as second place doesn't count in Nuclear War, is a coffee mug made by a 12 year old Indonesian girl.  There is no other mug like it, this mug being made entirely by hand.

First Place!
Here's Dave getting his reward from Rick.  In the photo are (L to R), Mike, Rick Loomis, Dave, and Richard.

Our morning was spent playing 7 Wonders.  I didn't do well, but I don't play 7 Wonders all that often, and it's a fairly complex game.  Winners tend to rely heavily on strategy, which I'm not much good at.  I finished in the middle of the pack, which I was satisfied with..

We finished up with dinner at the Flatiron Bar and Diner.  I had a cup of gumbo (very good) and a small order of jmbalaya, also very good, but it wasn't real jambalaya; it was a chef's creation of some sort.  Again, it was very tasty, but if you expecting real jambalaya you'd be disappointed.  The Flatiron is a pleasant place to eat, and I'll return again sometime.

Today we had the gay pride parade in Columbus, which I missed almost entirely.  The police presence was heavy, and I mean heavy.  Cops were everywhere, and even the bicycle cops had their battle gear on.  Nothing happened, but I wouldn't have been surprised if it had.  The only remarkable site I got from the gay pride parade were two girls that we saw on our way back to the car from the Flatiron.  They were topless and openly necking.  I decided to pass on the photo opportunity, although both were attractive.

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