Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Fun Ends - Temporarily

Back in June we had a nice thunderstorm with a good, stiff, breeze.  The following morning I discovered a brand new opportunity for getting some exercise in the out of doors and renewing my friendship with Frank and John Fischer - two stalwart young men with a passion for developing everyone's Puritan work ethic.

Downed Tree
Bright and early this morning we finally got together and after some discussion about physics, probability, and personal safety, we cleared my back yard of debris in about two hours and three gallons of sweat.

Cleared Yard
My thanks to Frank and John for their help.

This afternoon I went to see The Secret Life of Pets with Sandi Pross, and then went to Rose Thai (Monroe Street Market Square Shopping Center, 5333 Monroe St, Toledo, OH) for an excellent dinner.

I'm somewhat sore all over, but I'm sure it'll be worse tomorrow.  I think I'll have a cocktail and watch the idiot box for a while.

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