Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Possible New Home

Last Friday (7/8/16) I went down to Columbus to see a condominium, which I found to be in good repair and suitably priced.  On Saturday I made an offer, which was ultimately accepted.  Now we're down to the contingencies.

1868 Misty Way, Columbus, OH
If the place passes inspection, I'm going to interview the neighbors and see if any of them are members of a death metal band or prone to having drug fueled orgies every weekend.  If not, I've found my new home.


  1. Looks quaint and peaceful ~

  2. Thank you Jackie and Fargo. It pretty much passed inspection today - at least there are no deal breakers, although there are a few minor things that have to be taken care of. The good news? None of the neighbors belong to a death metal band.

  3. Well isn't that a nice property! Don't think you'll find guys like me living in digs like that, WL! Hope the deal goes well!

  4. Thanks Glen. I wish I could find guys like you living next door to me in digs like that.