Sunday, August 11, 2019

Book 7 of 7

The last in the series, I selected The Rockingdown Mystery by Enid Blyton, the first in a series featuring the same characters; Roger, Diana, Snubby (Peter), and Loony the black spaniel.  The dog was based off Enid's own dog Laddy.

The Rockingdown Mystery by Enid Blyton
Blyton was frequently on the best seller list, generally near the top,  Critics attacked her frequently, especially in the 1960s, as being a racist and somewhat xenophobic.  Other criticisms derided her world as being viewed through rose colored (coloured, for our British English readers) glasses, and her plots as being pedantic.  I never found any of this to be the case, and like another famous author (Mickey Spillane) I'm sure she laughed all the way to the bank.

I think it's worth mentioning that Blyton encouraged children to help other children and animals, and to show them kindness.  She reasoned that adults are perfectly capable of helping other adults, which I find refreshing.

Another thing Blyton was criticized for was the use of corporal punishment.  Children might get a scolding, but if they did something truly wrong they'd get 'a first class whacking'.  Her words, not mine.

Although Enid Blyton's books were written for children, I still have a copy of the Rockingdown Mystery, and am tempted to buy the next one in the series.

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