Monday, August 5, 2019

Book 4 of 7

Hell House by Richard Matheson was published in 1971, and quickly became the epitome of horror novels about haunted houses.  Some critics have compared it to The Haunting of Hill House, a Gothic horror novel by Shirley Jackson.  I didn't find it so, and bluntly, Hell House makes Jackson's novel look like Casper the Friendly Ghost meets Ted and Sally.

Without giving too much away, the life and times of the previous owner, Emeric Belasco, was based on the real life events of Aleister Crowley, a Libertine, mountaineer, and self-proclaimed wizard.  At one time during his life Crowley was proclaimed the most hated man in the world by main stream commercial media.

Hell House by Richard Matheson
So here you have it.  If you want the best haunted house book available, buy this one.  You won't be disappointed.

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