Friday, August 12, 2016

Security at Misty Way

The first thing I did after closing on my new home was get Mike to change the locks.  Mike came back from the hardware store with 30 pounds of metal and got to work.  Here are a couple pictures of the locks he pulled off.

Back Door Lock

Front Door Lock

Mike switched the garage door lock as well, but it was free of marks.  These two have been tampered with, and I kind of assume they held up.  It looks like some enterprising individual tried to jam a screwdriver inside and break the lock pins, but failed.

The trouble is I don't know if these marks are two days old, two months old, or several years old.  I think I should ask the neighbors what the latest news is.

I plan to install a security system later on, but maybe sooner is better than later.


  1. Don't you have your friends Remington and Winchester handy? Perhaps it was the last owner coming home from a binder? Hope all is well in your nice neighborhood.

    1. I have a working example of the fine engineering by Colonels Smith and Wesson residing in my nightstand, which I keep loaded with .357 hollow points, although I may change to .38 because of over penetration. My flashlight is next to it. I also have several fire extinguishers and first aid supplies.

      The previous owner is a ding bat. Two likely scenarios are A) Since she was rarely home, the place was 'inviting', or B) a former flame tried returning for an unannounced visit.

      Her daughter lived with her at least part of the time and is a 20-something currently in college, so that's an additional possibility. After all, hanging out with supposed undesirables only shows that you're progressive, diverse, and nonjudgmental, and believe in equality and innocent until proven guilty and all that. Right?

      Me, I'm a non-progressive, judgmental conformist. So are my friends.

  2. A revolver man! I should have known. The revolver is the weapon of choice among the more mature distinguished gentlemen that insist on weapons as rugged and reliable as they are. While the 357 is certainly up to dispensing with low men and hobgoblins - I prefer God's calibre myself. Even genetic sewage can be dispatched with class when you're shooting the .45 Colt! ;)

    1. You're quite right, of course. My only excuse is cost. I can ventilate targets with my .38 and still afford a good bottle of bourbon afterward. Now, were I as wealthy as a few of my readers, I'd be shooting the .45 long colt too.

      You're a good man, Glen. Here's a hoist of the old afternoon bourbon glass to you!

    2. Not so fast, WL!

      Err...I ask this in all seriousness...I'm pretty much a scotch drinker...but what is a 'good' bourbon in your scholarly opinion? My only exposure to it has been Blantons (that bottle didn't last long) and Maker's Mark - a bottle of which I squirrelled away a hundred years ago and haven't cracked. Have you any suggestions for the neophyte bourbon aficionado?

    3. Sure. Check my next post on Bourbon whiskey.