Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Welfare System

Or maybe more accurately, Things I've Heard, and Thing's I've Said.

I found this on FaceBook, and it inspired me (after a fashion).

Several years back a good friend of mine mentioned he had a toothache that was driving him out of his mind. He couldn't sleep because of the pain, and he didn't have money for a dentist. When I mentioned this to my mother, her immediate response was, "Well, we can fix that. Let's go to the bank."

The cost? $2,000 to relieve my friend's suffering. It was the best money Mom ever spent that year. But then, ObamaCare was supposed to fix all this, right?

In my own not so humble opinion, there's something inherently wrong with a system that will cheerfully spend billions on foreign aid to nations that harbor terrorists, college education for the terminally stupid, and free food and housing for life for those who refuse to work for a living, yet won't provide a dime to someone who works long, hard, hours, who is honest and a good citizen, but who is suffering terrible pain that can easily be treated and put right.

Morally, that's just plain wrong.


  1. Agreed. And that is the problem with socialism and socialized medicine.

    It drives me nuts when well-meaning Americans cite Canada's health care system as a socialized system to emulate. They just haven't done their homework. Here in Canada you get cheaper and more universal healthcare... but people are literally dying while waiting in the line up. Of course our politicos, sports stars celebs and VIP's all get bumped to the front of the line - or they fly down to the USA where the rich can afford their care in posh private clinics.

    I think the citizen should be able to opt out of these 'plans' our betters have set up for us - or that they should be forced to use the same system we do under the same conditions.

    1. Thanks Glen. I've heard stories both ways about the Canadian system, but common sense tends to dictate that there's going to be a line at the store for anything that's really desirable.