Friday, September 4, 2015

Hugo Awards: The Beating Continues

Just as I was about to stop reading about the Hugo awards and the respective victories declared by both sides, I found yet another link or three that tells the whole story better than anyone so far.  So here they are: The Night Science Fiction's Biggest Awards Burned by Robert B. Marks. Marks delivers an even-handed, fairly sane summary of just what happened at the 2015 Hugo awards, along with a fairly astute observation about why it happened in the first place.

Another link I found lists out a whole slew of links to the flame war leading up to the Hugo awards.  Check The Compleat Litter of Puppy Roundup Titles by Mike Glyer.

Finally, there's Lots of Hugo Losers by Nathaniel, who writes a relatively short summary that's worth reading.  The most interesting part are the two revisions of the same article that was published by Entertainment Weekly - a before and after look at the article that caused Brad Torgersen to threaten legal action if it wasn't fixed.

As for me, I may join Sad Puppies 4, if for no other reason than the publicity.

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