Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Review: The Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus

Due to click bait and an email advertisement, I've acquired a copy of the Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus.  I bought it from Barnes and Noble, mainly because they offered it on sale and I had a gift card with B&N given to me by a kindly relative.  Here is the tome in question.

Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus
Published by the Oxford University Press
Copyright © 2012 Oxford University Press
Third Edition
ISBN 978-0-19-982992-7
Apx. 1003 pages, not counting various lists, explanations and references
Weight: 3.4 pounds

The beast originally listed at $40.00, and was reduced to $27.82 by B&N - probably because it didn't make the NYT Bestseller's List this year.  I used a 20% off coupon I got in my email along with my gift card, and I ended up paying $5.42 for it.  Not bad.

It includes a section on English grammar as well as a word usage section that is very nice to have.  All in all, a good buy.  Now I'll have to see how useful it actually is, as my somewhat grandiloquent protagonist tries to interact with the hoi polloi.

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