Thursday, August 10, 2017

Excessive Noise Complaint

I live at the corner of McNaughten Road and East Livingston Avenue.  During the day, but especially in the afternoon, I get boom cars, car horns (drivers pay more attention to their cell phone than the traffic light, so the driver behind them wakes them up), Freddie the Fire Engine, Marty Meat Wagon, and Officer Friendly - the last three are running with lights and siren.  Since all this happens during the day, it's just a part of life - the exception being the boom cars, all of which should be confiscated and the offensive equipment destroyed.  But when my peace and quiet is shattered at 4:30 AM, I become a tad irascible.

This is a screen capture of the Columbus Ohio Mosquito Control spraying area and work time.  Read the fine print, which I copied below.

Columbus Mosquito Control

Mosquito/Insect Control Office Hours

Mon - Fri 7:45 am - 4:45 pm

(614) 645-3111Complaints - 311

General Contact
(614) 645-8191

My official area is Eastmoor/Walnut Ridge

District 62
Treatment Date: 8/9/2017
Treatment Time: 3:30-6:45 AM
Product Applied: PURSUIT/BIOMIST

So at 4:30 AM I was awakened by something that sounded like a giant leaf blower and looked like a UFO.  Before I could locate my shotgun and defend home and hearth, the official mosquito control idiots left.

I thought the Toledo Ohio City Council was stupid.  They are, but a brand new level of stupidity and bad government has officially been reached, and it's in Columbus.

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  1. Ok. I know this is serious stuff, but the way you write cracks me the heck up. Why? Because I can picture you doing all this. I'm sorry they disturbed your peace. Don't feel bad, they are doing it here too. Apparently, the West Nile virus is in full force. It isn't supposed to hurt people or pets, but they didn't say anything about the noise. Hugs to you.