Sunday, April 30, 2017

R.I.P. Bob Wallace

My thanks to Glen of Filthie's Thunderbox for the latest news.  It seems that a fellow blogger, Bob Wallace of Uncle Bob's Treehouse, has passed away unexpectedly and will be sorely missed by his readers.

Glen decided to honor Bob with First Ever Bob Wallace Memorial Campout, which I would have attended had I known about it, had a trailer similar to Bob's, and been able to get a valid passport in time.  But I didn't, I don't, and I am unable.

The thing about establishing a presence on the Internet is that you attract more than your fair share of weasels, trolls, and x-wing nasties, a very few of whom mean business and pose credible threats. Bob didn't care much about this - just read a few of his posts and you'll understand why.

Most bloggers eventually run out of steam, posts become fewer and fewer until the most recent post is two years old.  Eventually the blog makes its way to the electronic graveyard, the disk space is reclaimed, and the universe continues to create idiots.

At the end of it all, no one knows what happened.  In many cases no one ever met the author personally or even knows the author's real name.  And so, when he eventually dies, nothing much can be said about him except the usual recriminations - I wish I'd (fill in the blank).  Bob was an irascible sort and a good writer.  He made the blogosphere a slightly better place, and I'll miss him.

Here's a link to his obituary, such as it is:

Robert Wallace Jr. | 1956 - 2017 | Obituary
Bob worked at the Granite City warehouses and wrote his own blog, Uncle Bob’s Treehouse.

Tonight at some point I'll hoist one for Bob.  Maybe two.


  1. Well thanks for that, WL. That's the shits about Bob. I still go by once in awhile to use the blog roll. Quartermain even got a pic of the old so-and-so.

    Hope all's well over there! And for the record you don't need to take notes from Sarah Hoyt! You can write better than most of those folks in that circle - but don't tell 'em I said that. They're nice folks and you are in good company.