Saturday, April 29, 2017

Life is Tedious

I was grexing at myself because I haven't accomplished much lately. But over the last couple days I managed to open a checking / savings account at a local credit union, which has been an uphill struggle all the way. First they wanted some form of ID that I don't have, since my driver's license hasn't been changed over yet. When I finally got a utility bill that they'd accept, this brain damaged clerk kept me waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes before he'd condescend to begin the process, and the entire business took an hour and a half. This guy was a real ding-a-ling, but I finally got the accounts opened and money deposited.

Then I managed to find bags for both (upstairs and downstairs) vacuum cleaners and get the bags changed out - without creating a haz-mat spill on the living room floor.

Then, while I'm busy feeling sorry for myself, I learned that John Meilink's Significant Other, Cindy Zuccarell, is in the hospital due to broken bones and significant health problems. Cindy is a real nice person and really doesn't deserve this. I think that prayers for her would be appreciated.

We have T-Storms in Columbus, so between the T-Storms interfering with the TV reception and the stupid warnings running all over the picture, watching Gunsmoke reruns is out. T-Storm warnings? Really? All you have to do is look outside - look up, genius. See the dark clouds? That means rain. Those bright flashes are lighting, which is your cue to grab a ten foot metal pole and go play wave the pole at the astronauts in the rain.

I'm going to the bookstore, then to lunch.

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