Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Move Update: December 21, 2016

I'll re-read this years from now for a few laughs.  Or not...
Fox Relocation - Excellent Job!

I followed the moving company to my condo in Columbus, passing them around Delaware.  I'm happy to see that they are careful drivers, staying in the right hand lane, obeying speed laws, and being generally careful.  The management is following the truck, which we hope will offer some protection for my household should he be rear-ended by a tailgater.

Why don't the police bust more tailgaters?  Isn't there some kind of law about menacing or assault with an automobile?  I should write to my State Senator, as soon as I find out who he is.

Being curious, I just looked and I wish I hadn't. My State elected representatives (ha-ha) are Charleta Bell Tavares and Hearcel F Craig, both moonbats, both SJWs, both haters of old, broke, gun owning, Bible clinging, white men. Of which I am one.  Oh, well...

I got moved in, and I'll hand it to these guys - they really know how to move furniture.  The gun safe is down in the basement with no one being injured or killed in the process, and most of the weight was handled by a smaller guy who looked to be a welter weight and had muscles like steel cables.  The bedroom furniture is upstairs, packed tightly into a bedroom that's actually a bit small for it, but no matter.  I chose the smaller of the two rooms because it was further away from the street, and therefore immune to the boom cars that come past at all hours.  I wish Columbus had a noise ordinance, and that it was enforced.  Enthusiastically enforced.

Monday I finally got the clothes dryer hooked up, and that almost turned into a fiasco.  I went down to Home Depot twice for parts, one of which turned out to be the wrong size.  The plumber had one in his truck (a line of some sort) that worked well, and was kind enough to install the four inch ventilation hose for me, which was not part of his job.  He was an old-school type, the kind of man who takes pride in his work.  His assistant (helper, step'n'fetchit, gopher, apprentice) is learning.  Slowly, according to the master, but he is learning and he's pretty much okay on most things.

I did my first load of laundry, and after two cycles through the dryer the laundry was still wet.  'Ah-Ha!', thinks I, 'something is not quite right here.'  Impressed with my own deductive brilliance, I try another cycle to see if the problem will mysteriously vanish, like an unattended sawbuck on a Walmart floor.  No such luck.  I trace the four inch vent pipe to a hole near the basement ceiling, then with fiendish concentration I continue to trace the pipe to its exit near my front door.  Reaching up into the vent I discover that some genius has blocked the vent with a piece of very coarse screening, likely to keep the vermin out.  The screen falls off into my hand, and hot air is freely exhausted into the frigid night.  Eureka!  Success!  Now I can do my laundry and stop smelling like a locker room.

The only things left to move are my desktop and associated electronics, a few miscellaneous items, and my three cats.  I think I'll move Dant√© first and get him somewhat settled, then move Zeus and Rose, my two antiques.  That seems like a good project for this week.

Rose and Zeus


  1. Awesome! Cats look like they love it! And stop harassing the PoPo. Just drive faster and those people will get off your ass. ;)

    1. Right. And when I get pulled over for doing 87 in a 65 mph zone, I'll just try explaining the tailgating situation. Just see how far that explanation will go.

  2. I will never publicly admit to it but I love cats too!

    Hope you all are settled in and can relax for the new year...

  3. I find it very helpful to 'light' the brake light for the idiot on my back bumper; several times if he is insistent to gobble me up and spit me out. There are plenty of the idiot drivers out there, usually with an 'obstruction' to their ear.
    Always my thought/question: What in the world has happened that phoning is so important that they are scaring the hell out of other drivers? Me especially. No doubt, the world has lost its mind. Remember, at least here anyway, illegals aren't insured (don't have to be) and some without even a license. My "uninsured motorist" cost is outrageous.

    hint - Iron and water don't do too well together :) Ruins the 'seasoning' of your skillet. I know, for my granny taught me this 70 years ago. Grin -I forgot this a few times though.

    So, you are a published writer - I will visit Amazon. But I've lost/misplaced my year old Amazon gift card. Shucks, I'm such a senile cluck. "What is happening to my brain" I often ask myself.