Sunday, June 18, 2017

Origins 2017: Day 2

We started the day off right with a game of Tunnels and Trolls  (T&T). The game master was the designer of T&T, Ken St. Andre.  For those of you who have never played an FRP game before, skip this part.  You won't understand, and I'm not up to writing a 5000 word essay on the definition of FRP gaming and why people do it.

The T&T adventure was written by an English fellow, and contained a lot of European jokes and puns.  Ken said that he'd like to have it rewritten for the United States.

T&T GM Screen

T&T Character Sheet

Rick Loomis joined Mike and I for lunch at North Market, where we've gone before.  The place is excellent, and the food court features around a dozen restaurants, all serving ethnic food.  If you can't find something at North Market to please you, you're being difficult.

North Market

North Market - The Market
We stopped at the Off World Designs tee shirt emporium, which is the best place to shop for an unusual shirt.  I was sorely tempted, but haven't quite made up my mind which shirt I want.

Off World Designs T-Shirts
Off World Designs

Arkham - A Right Lively Place
Down the hall I found my favorite artist, Tina Bongorno.  Tina did the cover illustrations for my books, and is an excellent artist.  Out of all the artists at Origins, Tina has the only booth that's always crowded.

Tina Bongorno
Mike found a suitable t-shirt.  Check the caption.

Mike's T-Shirt

Not PC!
Somehow, I don't think that the folks at PETA would find this shirt to be politically correct.  But then, Mike isn't a vegetarian, nor am I.  I think I'll go and shop for a tee shirt today.

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