Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Non-Paying House Guests

This morning I was up early thanks to my three borders.  After fixing them breakfast, I started assembling my own morning meal.  I'm standing in the kitchen, watching the coffee maker like a semi-comatose mental defective, when Mister Zeus charged my feet and made a classic feline pounce-swat.

He missed.

Mister Zeus with Muzzle, Untidy In.
Not his fault, as he moved faster than I've seen him move in years, and the target managed to make hard cover.  My own nervous system is so poor I didn't even flinch during the entire business.

So now I have a house guest that is uninvited and is not paying rent.  Eviction procedures will commence around noon today, which is when I'll get back from the store with a nice, new trap.  Not a live animal trap, either.  A nice whack - their dead trap.

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  1. 2 cats and a dog at my house. The mouse that came out from under the fireplace got all of their attentions. Zeus cat looked at me as if to say "What is THAT???" and just sat there on the recliner watching the action. Arielle cat looked at me as if to say "Sooooooooo beneath my dignity!" and went back to sleep. Dolly dog went bonkers, barking and chasing the mouse around the room, but thankfully did not catch it before it went back under the fireplace. Haven't seen the mouse inside since...