Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zeus News

I've been worried over Zeus the cat.  He's getting on there in years (16 or 17, we think) and he hasn't been eating lately.  I took him over to the Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, and Dr. Carol fixed him up with an uncomfortable examination and some medicine, including an appetite stimulant.  You see the results below.

You will note that Zeus prefers his water in a highball glass.  Truly, I don't know why, but he goes to the glass in preference of anything else.  He also dived into the new food I bought for him.  I bought several brands at the store on the advice of Dr. Carol, who said that getting the little monster to eat was more a matter of trial and error than anything else.

Evidence of Eating
 Zeus was so enthusiastic that he is now in violation of the Feline Order of the Day, Section 1, Number 3, part C: Muzzle, Untidy in.  He refused to allow me to clean him up, so I left him to his own devices.

Preferred Food
More as a memo to myself than anything else, here is His Majesty's preferred brand of cat food.  Chow time!


  1. You want us to believe that's water in the highball glass?

    1. It's for the cat, not for me. Ergo, water is reasonable.

  2. Have you had him all his life WL? He looks like one happy little bugger. I still miss my cats. They used to have saloon fights that would shake the house...


  3. Zeus started life with my brother, Shotgun Bob. Bob had just bought a new house and wanted a cat; Zeus was a stray that our veterinarian had taken in. Originally Bob took two cats, since the ladies at the vet's office assured him that Zeus got along well with other cats, especially this cat, and the two were both trained to use a litter box and would have fun playing together.


    The other cat immediately crapped on the rug, then started a fight with Zeus. Zeus was a young cat back then, and gave as good as he got. Bob packed up the other cat and took her back to the vet's office ("I just don't understand how that could happen! She was so well-behaved when we had her...")

    Bob kept Zeus for several years until he sold his house (in the nick of time, the real estate bubble had just burst) and moved to Wisconsin. Bob left Zeus with our mother temporarily until he got a place in Eau Claire, WI. Mom liked Zeus and so kept him. Well, these things happen.

    Zeus never cared much for me, and would swat at me if I tired to pet him. He'd hiss and swat at the other cats, so they left him alone, but he'd sit on mom's lap every night. Eventually I moved in to the old homestead and lived with mom, doing the shopping, cooking, balancing the checkbook... my cat Danté liked Zeus and would tease him until he'd run around and play. I'd hear the two of them tearing around the house all night, chasing each other. When mom passed away, I inherited Zeus. He's pretty old now, but he seems happy and has overcome whatever aversion he had toward me. The fact that I feed him has nothing to do with this, him being a cat and all.

    He still remembers Bob, and whenever Bob shows up Zeus perks up and walks over to him to get some attention.

    And that's the brief history of Zeus the cat.

  4. I recently deleted a few comments from a problem user who, among other things, had the temerity to post an irrational attack on one of my Internet friends on my blog.

    There is no free speech on my blog and never will be. The same thing is true in my living room.

    No worries, Glen Filthie. The rat man has a screw loose. Beyond that, he's noise.