Sunday, September 18, 2016

There and Back Again, An Arduous Trip

I spent the last couple days in Columbus, and a harder, more arduous trip I haven't had since my younger brother screwed up the directions in Northern Wisconsin and I drove all night to get us home.  I started hallucinating at the end of the Wisconsin trip.

Ohio Scenery

One thing I've always enjoyed about Ohio is the interesting scenery.  Here's Big Sugar (Pioneer - Michigan Sugar), one of the few landmarks (natural or otherwise) on the drive to Columbus.

I was just North of Delaware when I ran into this train wreck, and it got me to thinking (since I had little else to do and was not distracted by the scenery).

It's likely some bozo decided that his big hurry was bigger and more important than everyone else's big hurry.  Result: multiple vehicles reduced to junk yard fodder, the demand for medical services experiences an infinitesimally tiny spike, and the lives of families and close friends are disrupted in about the same way that the earthquake of 1906 disrupted San Francisco.

Multiple Cars and Firetrucks
Evidently one of the cars caught fire and the hose draggers got into the act, so at least it didn't spread.  I ease ahead, juggling my camera, the steering wheel, and a manual transmission, all at a blistering 3 mph.

Sweeping Up the Residue
You'd be surprised how hard it is to get a decent photo when your mind is supposed to be on your driving.  All I did was point and shoot, not bothering with where it was pointed.  Not bad.  It took me an extra 20 minutes of gridlock driving to get through this mess, but things could have been a whole lot worse.

Southbound US 23
I took this shot right after the accident.  This parking lot goes back for about four miles, and it's not moving at all.  All because some idiot couldn't be bothered to give the right of way to someone else who clearly had it.

Lately, and I should amend that to the last 10 years or so, I've noticed a distinct increase in the number of people who are willing to run a red light.  Usually they make it, but not always.  I watch other drivers weave back and forth while they send text messages, screw around with the kids, put on makeup or do other, equally important (to them, anyway) distracting things while Road Rage Reilly tries to make it to the bar on time.  They tailgate, they weave in and out of traffic missing other cars by a few feet, or in some cases a few inches.  What they don't do is drive safely, and drive defensively.

I know there are cops that read this blog.  Isn't there some way a few of these complete assholes can be pulled over and told, in your best cop voice, "Knock off the shit, ass wipe, or you're going to jail and your heap is going to the impound lot.  You understand?"

Sure it's only one car, but it's a start.  Sort of like deporting illegals.  My left wing friends tell me that, "You can't deport 11 million people!"  To which I reply, "Maybe not, but we can deport 1 or 2 million, and that's a good beginning."

As for me, I'm headed to breakfast, then back down to Columbus.


  1. Ayup. I was astounded years ago when they ran publicity campaigns on TV - "Red Lights Mean Stop!!!"

    Errr.....wasn't that obvious?

    I guess not. I have no problems with Darwin punishing stupid people behind the wheel... but when they inconvenience and hurt others...? I have no sympathy...