Monday, May 16, 2016

Sylvania Ohio Blues Festival 2016

I went to the Sylvania Blues Festival last Thursday, as held at the Chandler Cafe in downtown Sylvania.  The show started around 6:00 PM, but heavy weather moved in a little after 7:00.  I got back to my car in the proverbial nick of time.

In the short time I was there I saw Vaughan Penn perform. I think she started her set with Eye For An Eye, which you can find on One Reason, a CD she made with musician Chynna Phillips.

She followed the first act and was introduced as Vaughan.  I didn't stay for the entire set due to the arrival of liquid sunshine.

An Eye for an Eye
The first band, and the only band I saw, was The Overton Project.  They were pretty good, and I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a CD for sale; I'd have bought one if it were anything close to reasonably priced.  I got a few decent pictures of the performance, but I neglected to get the names of the members, which I'm sorry about.  I've seen a few of these people perform before at different venues in the area.
The Venue at the Start of the Show
Lead Guitar
The lead guitarist was good, and was one of most technically proficient guitar players I've heard in some time.
Bass Player



Keyboard Player
The band was tight, and the vocalist was above average.  She contributed a lot of energy to the band, which isn't easy given the venue and the crowd - a typical Toledo audience, which is to say it was tough.

I enjoyed the festival, and I know that Scott Stampflmeier of Sylvan Studio Awards (Facebook) put a lot of time and effort into making the festival a success - which it was.  I'll look forward to next year's festival.

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  1. Very cool! I love those types of events. When it warms up around here, I will be hitting the Indy festivals.