Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Two Party System

I used to believe in the two party system, and by that I mean a party on Friday night and a party on Saturday night.  I still do believe that this is a great system, but not when you get older.  Or just plain old.

Last Friday night found me at an underground club in Temperance, Michigan, where I heard John Meilink play. John is the author of The Distracted Drummer: "Thank you, Toledo, and Good Night" - you can read my review here, as it amuses you to do so.  While I was there I took a video of John (he's called JD - I don't know why, and neither does anyone else) hitting stuff with a piece of wood in each hand.  Due to the limitations of the Blogger platform I'm unable to include the video, but here are a few stills I took.

Name of the Local Rock Group

The Group's Philosophy
Bad Mannorz
The core of Bad Mannorz, likely named after the owner of the club.  On the left and barely seen is Ron Mannor, vocals and rhythm guitar.  Next to him and under the Western hat is "Guitar Jeff'" Malkin, rhythm guitar.  Center stage is Dave Mannor on lead guitar.  To the far right is Mark Nowicki on bass and vocals.  Ace percussionist is John "JD" Meilink, on drums.  There were also several guest musicians, including a notable harmonica player, Gary (no last name, no middle initial, not shown).

JD Working Hard
The band played a half-dozen or so numbers, then took five.  JD was clearly tired out and in need of a little refreshment.

Bad Mannorz at the Club
This is the underground club.  You have to know where it is, then you have to be invited.  If you turn out to be good people and all, you get invited back.  The people here are intolerant of drunken fools who want to start a fight, anti-freedom zealots who lay awake nights because they know that somewhere, someone is having a good time, and rap music lovers.

The Bar
I found the bar pretty well supplied, although most everyone just drinks beer.  Given the location - Temperance - and the proclivities of the local constabulary with regard to people drinking and having a good time, I limited myself to two drinks.  Not a bad idea, take it all around.

I had a great time and was invited back, an invitation I definitely will take advantage of in the weeks to come.

My second party was on Saturday night at Toledo Ballroom.  I taught the group class at 7:00, then stayed for the dance party from 8:00 until 11:00.  I had a great time, but I think I overdid it a little.  Or a lot, because the next day I was completely exhausted, and I still haven't really recovered.  But it was worth it.

Toledo Ballroom Dance Party
Toledo Ballroom is owned and operated by Kent Lautzenheiser-Nash, and he really knows how to put a successful party together.  The people there are wonderful, and everyone had a great time.

Me, I'm going to take it easy today and rest up for the weekend.

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  1. Very cool! Looks like you had a fun time and you wrote that you did, so I must believe you. LOL. I love the name of the band.