Friday, October 23, 2015


I confess.  I'm not a leaf-peeper and I don't like fall.  Fall precedes winter, you see, and winter means snow, which I detest. But today I noticed the maple trees had changed and the oak leaves were falling.  Then I remembered that I'm not going to see this again.  This time next year will see me in a new home, somewhere to the South of Toledo. So, in a fit of nostalgic, maudlin, self-pity, I got out my camera and took a few pix.

Maple Tree
I remember when we planted this tree.  My father supervised, and I ran the Indian Backhoe (shovel to the rest of you).  This would have been accomplished on a Sunday afternoon, early, as the old boy had plans for late Sunday afternoon.

Neighbor's Tree
This belongs to our neighbor, a rather nice couple who I'm on good terms with.  They invited me over for a drink some evening, so I think I'll take them up on their offer later on tonight.  Mike claims he's a Scotch drinker, which is just my style.

As Seen From Across the Pasture
Here's the same maple tree as seen from across the pasture.  It looks quite impressive when the sun hits it, but sadly the sun went away by the time I got around to taking this shot.

Maple and Oak
This is my driveway.  The forest next to me is mainly oak and maple, with a few sassafras trees.  About half the oak leaves are on the ground.

House and Yard
Front Yard
I'll never see the large yard covered in leaves again, or the neighboring houses too far away to have a valid complaint about neglected lawns and unraked leaves.  Or dandelions, or moles, neither of which trouble me.  In fact, I always thought dandelions were rather pretty, and broke up the tedium of a perfectly manicured, kelly green lawn.  Not everyone shares this view.

We never bothered raking the leaves.  The wind generally blows most of them over into the woods, and the rest don't seem to hurt anything.  In the old days we could rake them into a pile and burn them, but now there's a law against burning leaves or trash, brought to us by our elected officials who's sole purpose is to regulate everyone's life until we, the great unwashed, finally go around the bend and end up on the front page of the local bird cage liner.  Imagine wanting to live your own life, free of onerous restrictions and Draconian taxation.  Sounds treasonous to me.

By this time next year I'll likely be living in the Columbus area, probably in a condominium, complete with a homeowner's association comprised of elderly busybodies who will be delighted to tell me what to do, when to do it and how it shouldn't be done. 

Meantime, I'm not going to rake the leaves.

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