Thursday, June 11, 2015

Origins Gaming Convention, Part 3

On Friday we were scheduled to play Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games at 10:00 AM.  We endured the snipe hunt, found the correct table - and settled down to wait.  The point of playing this board game is to enjoy ourselves, and part of that enjoyment comes from not having to set the game up and put it away afterwards.  For those who have never played Arkham Horror, the setup takes time.  Then there's the fun of looking up obscure rule exceptions and keeping track of a myriad of play exceptions.

On the way to the table we got waylaid by a pert, young co-ed who, upon learning we were playing Arkham Horror, exclaimed! that, "Your game master is Kim!  She's awesome!".  Yeah, she really did talk that way.

The game is being hosted by Gamers of the Apocalypse (GOTA on Facebook), who are being compensated for their efforts.  About 15 minutes after the game was due to start, a morbidly obese man in a motorized chair wheeled over to tell us that our game master was in the ladies' room throwing up, so the game was canceled.  Clearly, Kim's awesomeness didn't extend to limiting her liquor intake to something she could manage on the morning after.

Mister Big Wheel (I never did get his name) signed off on the cancellation at our insistence.  We went over to the manager's kiosk, where we were given a somewhat surly reception when we had the audacity to ask for our money back.  Officialdom finally signed off on the refund, and we were directed to go to customer service.  The lady at customer service was nice about the whole business, apologized and gave us a refund.  So we now have a six hour time slot that is empty.

But this gets better.

The following day we showed up for another event for which we had registered and bought tickets.  Again, it was Arkham Horror, only this time with all the expansion sets.  The game board is going to take up more space than a large dining room table, and the complexity is significant.  Once again, Gamers of the Apocalypse was in charge, and once again they failed.  This time the game master showed up, but the game was missing.  The game master signed off on the cancellation under the direction of Mister Big Wheel, again we went to the manager's kiosk where the reception was a good deal less salty than our previous experience, then over to customer service where the same nice lady refunded out money and issued the standard apology.  Now we've got another six hour time slot empty.

This is not our first experience with GOTA.  Last year they hosted Arkham Horror, and the game master was an hour late.  When she finally showed up, she was so hung over that she was shaking so badly she had trouble holding a cup of coffee.  I don't know what she was taking besides liquor, and I don't think I want to know.

I think that in the future we'll just skip the events hosted by Gamers of the Apocalypse.  I also think the Origins management team should do a better job of vetting the staff.

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