Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ancestry and Graveyards

I had lunch with my cousin Amy yesterday, and mention I though I might go to Toledo Memorial Cemetery to see the graves of some of my ancestors.  Kind of a morbid, depressing thing to do, but I'll admit to not understanding my own motivations.

Amy explained that when she was little her folks owned a rental property in Waterville, which was right across the street from a cemetery.  Amy and her girlfriends would all go and get a Popsicle, then go over to the cemetery and enjoy the summer weather - or do whatever they did.  I'm sure the residents didn't mind.

Here are the results of what amounts to a scavenger hunt at Toledo Memorial Cemetery.

My Great Grandfather Clyde Wright

Paid For by Marion Emery

My Parents

My Paternal Grandmother

My Paternal Grandfather

My Maternal Great Grandfather

My Cousin Gail

My Maternal Uncle Walter

My Maternal Aunt Amy Lou

My Maternal Grandfather

My Maternal Grandmother

My Maternal Great Uncle

My Maternal Great Aunt


  1. I find cemeteries a peaceful place, a place to honor heritage and ancestors. And, to get a small glimpse of life in the eras in which they lived. You are fortunate to have so many kin buried in the same area, mine are scattered from NV to CO to KS to TN to TX to PA to CT to NY to MA to VA to NC, and on it goes...

    1. Thanks Grammie. I think I may write a bit about each ancestor, things I know about them and an anecdote or two.

  2. What are you going to do when you shuffle off this mortal coil, WL?

    I do not want a stone or a grave. I want to be burned to ash and dust and returned to the winds.

  3. Shake hands with all my old friends.

    Like you, I wish to be cremated. Beg, borrow, or steal a sailing vessel of some stripe. Invite a mixed group to come along, then take my remains, a bag of ice, and the necessary ingredients for a few decent cocktails. Have a drink or two on the way out, and when they're out a mile or so, dump my remains overboard along with a shot of gin. Have another drink or two on the way back, then go out drinking and dancing, and enjoy life.

    Failing the entire sailboat idea, just cremate me and dump my ashes where they'll cause the most discomfort possible - a public beach would be good. Follow the ashes with a shot of liquor, then go have a party somewhere. Enjoy life.

    If I'm around and Glen Filthie isn't, you may rest assured I'll dump your ashes on the Democratic National Convention, right as they're about to announce the candidates.

    1. YES!!!!!

      DO. IT.

      Use an RC drone so they ALL get it and breathe it in!!! Other venues I would appreciate might include gay pride parades, anti-gun rallies, or feminist marches!!

    2. And - if we're gonna do that... turn the oven down so that there are still some greasy, gobby chunks of fat and bone left! Use an indirect, slow heat for best results.