Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Belated Political Anniversary - January 22nd

January 22nd is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (courtesy of Wikipedia).  The case was officially argued on December 13, 1971, rehashed on October 11, 1972, and finally decided on January 22, 1973. Truly a momentous decision.

Prior to Roe v. Wade, if a woman wanted an abortion or felt an abortion was necessary, her personal family physician would order a Dilation and Curettage, otherwise known as a D and C. In short, she'd get an abortion. Maybe.

If her doctor refused, and a lot of them would, she could go to a back alley abortionist where, for a price, just about anything could happen. Some women died from this treatment, others were permanently damaged. She could also use the ubiquitous wire coat hanger, which was equally likely to kill her as to fix her problem. But if she's desperate, she might try this one.

Roe v. Wade changed all that by making abortion legal, and so medically speaking, safe for the patient.

The number of protests and protestors leading up to the Roe v. Wade case is absolutely legendary. Generally speaking, the Liberal Left was on the Left (yeah, I really wrote that) and supported a woman's right to have an abortion on demand, while across the street the Christian Conservative Right was against legalizing abortion. Both sides had no shortage of extremists, and between the war in Vietnam and Roe v. Wade, the six o'clock news with old Cronkite was pretty interesting. If things got dull, the journalists and news crews could always focus in on Godless Communism, the corruption of the innocent by gays, and the evils of marijuana addiction (beware the friendly stranger who may slip a marijuana cigarette into your cocktail - and yes, the establishment really did believe that one).

I was 20 years old in 1973, and smart enough to know I didn't want to wind up in a shotgun wedding like a few of my friends, or tap dancing on a land mine in Southeast Asia like a few more of my friends. I took a good deal of trouble to try and educate myself politically, but it was an uphill battle. I had the Black Panthers, White Panthers, the SDS, the Weathermen, the Democrats, the Republicans... any number of politically savvy groups who were overly willing to educate me. Frankly, the Black Panthers had a few good points, like racial discrimination for instance, but they took it too far in the wrong direction.

In the middle of all this was the abortion issue, and when it was finally decided I remember being relieved. The whole thing was a done deal (it took them long enough - a bunch of smelly old men, mumbling in their beards and wondering if their depends needed changing), had reached a decision and abortion was now legal.


So all those protestors could just pack it in and go home. There was nothing more to do, right? It was decided by the USSC, and it was legal.

It was then that I started to learn about human nature.

I remember one guy who would protest all by himself, walking up and down in front of the abortion clinic in Toledo, carrying a large cross. I didn't agree with his viewpoint, but I gave him credit. He was willing to live the life and stand up for what he believed in. I never spoke to him, which I regret, but I respected him. He didn't scream and yell at people going in and out of the clinic, he just continued his solitary walk. Sometimes he was joined by others, and they'd try and block the entrance to the parking lot. Anyone with reasonable intelligence can tell you that this is a bad idea, as you're liable to get run over, but there you have it.

Fast forward a few years to January of 2017.

The presidential election is over. Recounts have either been counted or denied, and Trump/Pence is leading our nation. The GOP / Republicans / Right Wingnuts took the House and the Senate. The fat lady has rendered the swan song to everyone within earshot, and the show's over.  Done.  So all the anti-Trump protestors can just pack up and go home, right? Because there's nothing else to do, nothing that they can accomplish. We're done here.

But just like back in the '70s, I still have a lot to learn.

Take the anti-abortion Christian Conservative Right and put them on steroids, then add a methamphetamine habit, and you've got the rabid Left. These people are not about to give up and go home, and I've never seen anything to equal it in my lifetime, not even during the 1968 Democratic Convention.  These SJWs, Feminazis, and Special Snowflakes are far enough out there to take a page from the anti-abortion Right, and start some serious violence. We've had abortion related murder, acid attacks and bombings, and the worst of this is that the people we really have to worry about are the ones we won't see running their mouths on TV, vis-à-vis Madonna and her misplaced comments about blowing up the White House and Progressives for Obama.  If you haven't heard of the latter group, there's a reason.  Check out  Six Years Later: The Clear Connection Between Barack Obama and The Weathermen .

I think it's worth mentioning that even if Madonna came into possession of several pounds of C4 and a few detonators, she'd be much more likely to blow herself up along with a few associates than anything else, and the US of A would be a marginally better place for everyone.  Even Madonna, who is now nothing more than a red mist.

It's also likely that the Secret Service knows this, and will act accordingly.

Madonna's speech, for all the left wing rhetoric and hot air that it is, serves only to inspire the mindless Left. Unfortunately that includes the violent, mindless Left.

So I'm waiting and watching the news.  It isn't likely that these Weathermen wanna-bes will find an appealing target in quaint, historical, Sylvania, Ohio, but Columbus?  Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. I'm of the opinion that the rabid few will be arrested by the well trained, professional many (Secret Service) before they have a chance to act.

Sarah Hoyt, over at According to Hoyt, wrote about this in her post Surviving the Cult, which is worth reading. She's been there and done that, and it ain't no fun.  As for me, I don't need another tee shirt.

Happy anniversary.


  1. Hmmmmpfffff.

    Today I am one of those smelly old men with a squishy diaper. I was in grade one when my elders were mulling abortion. At least they thought about it and tried to do right, WL. At some point, issues have to be resolved and we all have to move on. If we let a handful of contrarians have their way, we'll never get anything done.

    Today we don't even TRY to think this shit through anymore. Homosexuality? Of course! Shut up, you homophobe! Welp, as the father of a militant lesbian social justice warrior I see all the problems that have been white washed out of public perception. Racism? Affirmative action and tolerance aren't going to 'fix' a problem with people that have an average IQ of 85. The last 8 years proved that, and the racists are right about a few things. But - shut up racist. Shut up misogynist. What? What was that??? SHUT UP, FASCIST!!!! YOU'RE WORSE THAN HITLER!!!!

    I'm a law abiding man. I don't want to make trouble for the cops or community. But I have stockpiled ammo and popcorn. I am remembering faces and names. I'll be avoiding the protests and demonstrations. And I will quietly support the men that will stand up to the loons, the politically correct, and our self proclaimed moral and intellectual superiors.

    And when they come for me - yes, I WILL do something about it. Might be too late at that point - but they will not take me with impunity.

    As I sit here, in the fetid stench of my own soiled diaper and matted beard - I don't have answers that are fair to everyone. All I know is our society is going to re-set, or it is going to burn.

  2. Your knickers are your own problem, but I've got an electric hedge trimmer that I could use on your beard.

    You make a lot of excellent points, especially about tolerance. While it's true that I'm a tolerant man, and that some of my friends are gay, they all have one thing in common: They're all regular people. They don't act out, and they tend to live and let live. Ask any one of them for a little help moving your new refrigerator into your third floor apartment, and they'll shrug and lend a hand. If you're down to your bottom dollar, they'll help you find some work that actually pays and would likely invite you and yours over for dinner. That's how things are between regular people.

    I doubt very much that the government would ever come for you so as to lock you up. I think it's much more likely that a few of your immediate neighbors might approach you and say that things (government and civilization) are looking a little shaky, and should the fertilizer hit the fan blades we all plan to pick up a rifle and meet over at the church building on the corner. I know that's what I'd do.