Sunday, April 24, 2016

Return to Bad Mannorz

There's an underground club in Temperance, MI which I've had occasion to visit more than once.  Named after the house band, I wrote about my experience here, in The Two Party System, which you can peruse or not as you like.

Last Friday night the planets fell out of alignment, and the unthinkable happened.  Three local authors were together at the same underground club, all at the same time.  Here's what life is like for the true Bohemian.

Bad Mannorz
The band, Bad Mannorz.  Center stage is Dave Mannor, lead guitar.  To the left (clockwise around the stage) is Ron Mannor, vocals and guitar.  Trying his best to hide behind Ron is Guitar Jeff Malkin, rhythm guitar.  The ace percussionist is John 'JD' Meilink.  Continuing around the stage is Mark Nowicki, bass guitar and vocals.

JD and Ron
These musicians take their music as they find it, and their life very seriously - as can be seen by the photo above show the typical rhythm guitar humor.
JD, Jeff and Ron

JD and Ron
JD and Ron are brothers for life.  I remember Ron best for his treatment of a party crasher some years ago at a soirée JD was having at his home in Toledo.  Some weirdo showed up, unknown to anyone and uninvited.  The party goers were somewhat inebriated, JD included, when Ron showed the interloper the door and explained just what it was used for.

JD, Ron, Dave, and barely seen, Guitar Jeff

Linda and JD
A rare photo of author Linda (neé Meilink) Valine and author/musician John 'JD' Meilink. Linda is John's older sister.  The rarity is that she isn't teasing her younger brother to distraction.  I predicted the condition wouldn't last.
Local Hustler
While the band is playing a local pool hustler puts the one ball in the side pocket.  Gambling is against the rules in the club, and I can attest that I never saw money exchange hands.

JD Hard at Work

JD Playing

JD Getting Help From Linda
At some point Linda got the idea that she might make a second career in music, and offered to help JD over the difficult parts of the next song.  Does anyone reading this have an older sister?

JD and Linda
The band was headed into another song, but this seems to be a real show-stopper.  JD and the band are tolerant men, and waited patiently for JD to become available for work.  Then they got right back into it.

Bassist Mark Nowicki

Dave Mannor, Lead Guitar
"Guitar Jeff'" Malkin Stretching His Fingers

Ron Mannor
Hands of a Guitarist

Bad Mannorz Taking a Bow
Three Authors.  John, Linda and Bill
Linda and I danced west coast swing for most of one song, which isn't bad considering that neither of us are as young and full of energy as we once were.  After the set I was able to get this picture of the three of us together - John Meilink, Linda Meilink Valine, and Yours Truly - WL Emery.  All of us are published on Amazon.

Everyone had a great time at the club, but then that's the way of things at the underground club.


  1. Why - I've never seen such a shady lot of cudgels, blackhearts and soundrels. WL - I'm shocked - SHOCKED, I tells ya!

    Hanging out in speakeasies with unsavoury musicians??? Inconceivable!!! ;)

    1. I'll let you know next time the club opens. You can join us - I think you'd fit right in.