Monday, April 18, 2016

Bike Ride on 4/18/16

We finally got some hot weather in Sylvania, and I decided to cheer myself up a little with a bike ride.  A kind of combination exercise and mental relaxation activity.  Here are a few highlights.

Bethany Community Fellowship Church Building
Bethany looks deserted, although the tree in the yard is beginning to bloom nicely.  During the summer, I'd often pause to disturb Pastor Max while he was hard at work.  Sadly, no one is here for me to disturb.  Not even the Driving School is here, using the parking lot without permission - which they often do.

I rode to Family Video to drop off a DVD, then took to the back streets to get to my credit union, Champion Credit Union on Laskey, near Talmadge.  By that time I was getting hungry, and so decided on some barbecue for lunch.  The sidewalk runs along Talmadge from Laskey to Monroe, which will keep me out of harm's way.

Sidewalk Behind Me

Sidewalk in Front of Me
Traffic at Monroe and Talmadge
Here's the traffic at Monroe and Talmadge.  Each and every one of these cages would like to make a mess of me all over the street.  Fortunately, I'm protected by... not much.  Divine intervention, I suppose.  Looking East, I can see my destination a few blocks away - Shorty's True American Roadhouse.

My Destination
I managed to stay upwind of Chuck-E-Cheese's cesspool, which is always a good thing.  Why the health department hasn't closed that place down is far and away above my pay grade.

I had a nice lunch at Smokey's and read a story on my Kindle Keyboard, which represents some of the smartest money I ever spent.  I like my Kindle.

On the ride home, I noted that Sylvania Township, or maybe Lucas County, had Indian Ridge blocked off, complete with a flagman.  Indian Ridge is a dead end road with very low traffic, and anyone with the good sense God gave a staple gun can see the heavy equipment blocking the road.  Yet still they have a flagman.

Indian Ridge Closed
I suppose someone could argue that half the drivers on the road today don't have the good sense God gave a staple gun, and I can honestly say that it's likely they'd win that argument.  Still and all, it's tax dollars at work.  Or not, as the case may be.

So now I'm home and beat half to death.  I'm still somewhat worn out from the party at Toledo Ballroom last Saturday, and this bike ride about finished me.  I hope I make it through group class today.

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  1. What a gorgeous day! It was beautiful here, too. I think more than half don't have good sense and are stupider than a staple gun. LOL. Glad you got out.