Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Interview

Not the interview for a new job, no.  However, a fellow blogger and author gave me an in-depth interview which is published and can be read here: Books Are Magical by Kathryn Loving, AKA Momma Fargo. The questions are well thought out and Kathryn is very generous with her kind words of praise.

You can find Kathryn Loving's work on Amazon. Her first book, entitled The Boogie Man Is My Friend are true stories from her life as a police officer in Casper, Wyoming.  Her second book, also on Amazon, is The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies and describes her experience training new officers.

Kathryn has a third book that's recently published. The Last Song of the Meadowlark is the story of a recently divorced, vulnerable woman who encounters a confidence man - a true sociopath with only one priority.

Kathryn Loving is an excellent writer and her work exemplifies why the Amazon Kindle self-publishing model is working so well.

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